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Our History

Our History

Our History

Membership & Services

To apply for membership you must complete a Newcastle Studio Potters membership form (see below) and have it signed by two current members. Return the form to the secretary. You will be contacted when your application has been processed by our committee.


Our  Members newsletter is published monthly and is included in membership. The newsletter contains informative topics including updates and reminders on exhibitions, workshops, open meetings, special events and functions as well as interesting information regarding artists & their work.


Workshop Access

The large workshop is equipped with 5 work tables, 5 wheels, a slab roller and an extruder. There are 6 kilns for hire with Harco controllers attached. The workshop is available for members’ use.


To use the workshop, members need to have had training in clay work, a workshop induction and be prepared to follow the set of rules on display. New members must attend supervised access for 4 sessions before being offered Workshop Induction, WHS Induction and Kiln Firing Induction.

A fee is charged per session. Newcastle Studio Potters Inc. regularly runs day and weekend workshops and specialist classes by eminent ceramic artists.

Join a class

Learn how to throw pots on the wheel and the many aspects of hand building


Sharon Taylor

Time: 10am - 1pm




Please contact the class teacher

Sue Stewart

Time:6pm - 8pm











Newcastle Studio Potters was formed in 1969. It was formed by a group of students studying ceramics at Newcastle TAFE as a sub group of the Sydney based Ceramic Study Group. The group soon decided to become more local so left the SCG and became part of the Workers Educational Association in Newcastle. Due to increasing numbers of students and the need for more facilities NSP decided to look for their own facilities. 'Backs Butcher Shop' in Bull Street, Cook Hill was chosen as it was centrally located and close to other galleries. The group purchased the old butcher’s shop in 1973. The building was in a rather dilapidated state so exhibitions were held at various locations. In 1992 the front room became a dedicated exhibition space for ceramics.  The name 'Back to Back Galleries' was derived from the original name of the butcher shop 'Backs Butcher Shop' and is relevant because the exhibiting gallery leads straight into the The Gallery Shop at the rear.

The group became an incorporated association in 1987.

Newcastle Studio Potters is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

Newcastle Studio Potters Inc has been granted funding under the NSW Arts & Cultural Development Program.

Our Membership would like to thank the NSW Government and Create NSW for this welcome funding which will greatly assist us in replacing aged equipment, to the benefit of NSP members and the wider Newcastle area ceramics community.


If you have an interest in learning how to work with clay, we have the facilities and tutors to suit.


We have four very experienced and skilled tutors offering 3 x weeknight and a Friday day class.


Whether your interest is in handbuilding, wheelwork, sculpture or you are a total beginner, our tutors will gently guide you on your way to become an independent potter, as well as starting you on your course to apply for NSP Membership.

Open to beginners and experienced potters. Work on the wheel or handbuilding


Nicola Purcell

Time: 6pm - 9pm

Phone: 49579501

There is currently a waiting list for places in our classes. Please contact individual tutors below to enquire.

Learn how to throw pots on the wheel and the many aspects of hand building


Sharon Taylor

Time: 6pm - 9pm